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Let's Work Together!

Managing your future is your business, Helping you succeed is ours.

What we have to offer your business.

Salon 501 is a 6 chair rental salon with one manicure area as well as pedicure area, a separate massage/facial room and backroom with washer/dryer.  Full & half occupancy are available for each stylist, manicurist & massage therapist.  Salon 501 offers extra amenities to help maintain lower fees for tenants.  

What you can expect from Salon 501

Salon 501 was established in 2009 and has been growing ever since.  We are based on the values of teamwork, hard work, trust and passion for the hair industry.  With a small setting, our upbeat team is welcoming and ready to help your business grow.  Whether you are a seasoned renter or ready to start out on your own, let Salon 501's atmosphere and team take you to the next level of business.  From online booking to retailing, come check us out &

 "Lets Work Together!"

Know Your Worth.  Stay Hungry.  Be Alive!

Meeting with you would be a pleasure, no matter where your road leads you.

Stacie Christians


I partnered my business with Stacie at Salon 501 in 2011.  I originally chose Salon 501 because of its convenient location, the reason I have stayed is because it quickly became family..  My clients are cared for when I am away from the salon without fear of soliciting, which makes time off so much more enjoyable.  Salon 501 is a place I can do what I love and be around people I care about.  

Kristina Schott

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